Nino Vanaria joins Qufinity as a B2B Marketing Expert

Qufinity is thrilled to have Nino Vanaria on board as a B2B Marketing Expert. Nino will be responsible for the planning and execution of sales campaigns, social media and other content. Nino holds a degree in Media & Business from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has gained valuable experience through an internship at Arte TV, focusing on B2C strategies using traditional media channels, as well as through strategic consulting, where he developed CSR and B2C strategies for the start-up DAPPR. Additionally, his involvement with growth hacking and the Marketing Association of EUR has honed his skills in innovative marketing approaches. Having lived in Paris his whole life and moved to the Netherlands to study, Nino brings a rich cultural perspective to his work. With this diverse background, Nino is excited to embark on a new journey, transitioning into B2B marketing, and leveraging his expertise to drive impactful results in this dynamic field.

“At Qufinity, my ambition is to build both the company and myself, proving and improving my technical skills, bringing creativity to generate leads, and mastering the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions.”

– Nino Vanaria – B2B Marketing Expert at Qufinity